Five Ways to Ensure the Orphan Crisis will NEVER be solved by the church.

  1.  Focus on building more orphanages and less on getting children into forever families. 2.  Avoid the following books of the Bible: James, Exodus, Isaiah, Job, Psalm, Matthew, Acts, John, Jeremiah, Esther, Deuteronomy, Hosea, Malachi, 1 Timothy, Lamentations, Proverbs, 2 Kings, Judges, Numbers, Ezekiel, and Genesis. 3.  Pray for orphans without families around the […]

One Giant Leap in Russia

FINALLY!  This is a GREAT sign for the orphans of Russia. Sometimes you have to look beyond what seems like “bad news” to find some really good news.  A couple of weeks ago, Russia shut down inter-country adoptions from the United States.  But, there has been an interesting message resonating from the leaders of the […]

Zambia’s Gift to the World – Orphan Sunday

November 4th was Orphan Sunday all across the world because of the courage of one pastor.This video tells the story of how the movement started in a little village in Zambia.You’ll hear powerful stories from orphans and from notables such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Francis Chan, & Jedd Medefind. This video comes from our friends […]

2012-13 Budget Update | An Honest Look

2012 Budget update (11/02/12): Our budget for 2012 is $67,011.80 We are just under $27,000 shy of reaching our budget this year with two months remaining. God has provided every step of the way and we have no reason to believe He’s going to change course! Our eyes are fixed on future opportunities and not current […]

“I saw what I saw” -Sara Groves

  I’m going to share a video with you that has greatly challenged me. I know I need a daily reminder of the orphan crisis going on around the world.   I’m a visual person, so when I see something, I tend not to forget it. Today, I want to pass that blessing on to you. Hope […]


Way back in fifth grade, I finally generated the courage that it took to ask one special girl to “go with me”.  I prepared a small piece of paper with these familiar words: “Will you go with me?”  Circle Yes or No That was pretty much it.  I had my friends look over the small […]

An Orphan Manifesto

What if these were your kids? Would you hold them and tell them that everything is ok? Or would you pray for them and then be on your way? Of course you would give them your love, Your protection and food, But what about the ones you never knew? Millions of orphans are starving for food, […]

Making Decisions

When you lead something, you have to make decisions. I am a Christian.  Therefore, I make my decisions based on the counsel and the wisdom of the Bible. I totally get that it can be unpopular as a non profit leader to be out front with what you believe because of the potential of alienating future donors who don’t […]

The American Dream

I don’t know why I have been thinking so much about the “American Dream” lately.  I love the idea.  If you work hard, you can achieve just about anything you want to in this country.  At least, that is the idea. I am forever grateful to live in a country that brought forth the Declaration of […]

Every Child – The Chapel in Buffalo, NY

This past Sunday, June 17th, Father’s Day, I had the privilege to stand alongside my brother who is the pastor at The Chapel in Buffalo, NY.  We teamed up to share about the importance of fatherhood and the Biblical mandate to care for the fatherless. Patch Our Planet has been partnering with the Chapel since […]