2012 Budget update (11/02/12):

Our budget for 2012 is $67,011.80

We are just under $27,000 shy of reaching our budget this year with two months remaining.
God has provided every step of the way and we have no reason to believe He’s going to change course!
Our eyes are fixed on future opportunities and not current obstacles.
That’s right.  God funds the ministry by moving on hearts like yours, mine and others to give at the right time.  So, we have no reason to panic.  We actually find great freedom in defending the cause of the fatherless in this unique way….
Calling vs. Dependency:
When God called us to do this great work, we made the commitment to Him that we would continue every day by faith. Our vision is not predicated on what money will come in tomorrow.  Or what will not.  Our vision is completely reliant upon a calling.  God called us to do the work.  He promises to provide for our needs.  We’re so good with that.
In 2012, there have been 102  partners who have invested in some way in what we were doing.  They contributed faithfully to this new concept of equipping church leaders and unleashing churches to care for foster children and global orphans.  And, now we are starting to see the results.  You can’t imagine how grateful we are for them.
There was one gift that pretty much saved our organization in the form of “End of the Year Gift” last year.  It came in on the last day of the year.  We were overwhelmed with gratitude.  But, that gratitude is felt every time someone decides to partner with us at any level, really.
So, why should you consider investing in Patch Our Planet?
Start here: https://patchourplanet.org/impact
2013 Vision:
In addition to our current partnerships, we are looking to roll out web resources in order to help equip church leaders, denominations and alliances through our website.  This is one of several ways that we are going to duplicate what we are learning and accomplishing with current and new partners.
Our desire is to help foster children and global orphans.  We can do this best if our organization is effective and accountable.  We are in the process of joining the following organizations to ensure that those foundations are in place for years to come.  We do this even though there is a significant cost associated with joining.  It’s that important.
ECFA: http://www.ecfa.org/ 
Christian Alliance for Orphans: http://www.christianalliancefororphans.org/.  
Both of these organizations have strict standards of stewardship responsibility that we will adhere too.  Among other great qualities on our board of six, we have a former CPA and Stewardship Counselor.  We also use an independent tax adviser to handle all of our taxes.
We want our donors to feel as good about Patch Our Planet as we do!
2013 Budget:
Our budget for this next year is $74,474.25.

If you are looking to invest in long term foster | global orphan care solutions that will last a lifetime, we would love for you to consider supporting Patch Our Planet.  There is much to accomplish for the children in need nationally and internationally.  We owe it to them to work as fast and efficient as we can to bring them hope.

We would be grateful for your tax deductible gift:
Website | Online giving –https://patchourplanet.org/donate 
Georgia Gives Day, Dec. 6th- https://www.gagivesday.org/c/GGD/a/patchourplanet/donate/
Thank you for considering a gift of any size to Patch Our Planet.  
May God richly bless you and those that will be impacted by your gift…..
Super grateful,

Steve Gillis
Founder | Exec. Director