What if these were your kids?
Would you hold them and tell them that everything is ok?
Or would you pray for them and then be on your way?
Of course you would give them your love,
Your protection and food,
But what about the ones you never knew?
Millions of orphans are starving for food,
Millions more are starving for you.
They need attention.
They need care.
They need to know that someone will be there.
It must break God’s heart
To see his children cry out so honestly,
And then turn to see his church respond so meekly.
What more should it take to get our attention?
How many more orphans can we ignore and forget their existence?
I guess all of them,
If we enjoy living more for self and sin.
What if doing something was better than doing nothing?
One small decision has to be the first thing,
What if these kids were your kids too?
What if they go to bed thinking of you.
You are the hope that cries them to bed,
You are the hand that can lift them from their dread,
Never think that you are not able,
If these were your kids you would never be so casual.