Montana – Big Sky Country

It’s been a while since I sent out an update.  There is a reason for that. We’ve been in the middle of the country, in very remote locations. Moving from location to location almost daily presents some challenges, like a good wifi connection. After our Michigan meetings, we headed west toward Montana, via Iowa, parts […]

Reward Deferred

  Ever heard of the phrase, “Pay now and Play later“? Dave Ramsey (and others) have made that phrase popular in the last decade. Dave has done a great job teaching people how to get out of  debt, and he’s done a great job of helping so many people find financial freedom. That phrase is […]

When Everything Stops

This world has so much noise. Pending wars, fatherless children, senseless killings, stars unhinged in their pursuit of attention, bad news on the local news, bad news on the global news, twitter this, twitter that, king of marketing, buy this, buy that, hurry from one place to another, honk at the slow poke in front […]

I’m Sorry

  Two of the most powerful words ever created. This past Sunday, after attending church and grabbing something to eat, our family decided to do a little shopping at the nearby mall.  Unfortunately, like every impromptu shopping trip, we seem to  always end up at Walmart for something. We grabbed a couple of items at […]

Change of Address

Who ever thought moving could be so stressful? It has been almost a decade since the last time we moved and I’m not sure I remember it being quite this….how do you say, overwhelming?! But, we made it to our new location in SW Florida. One good thing is that the airports are smaller, full […]

U.S. Government Action Plan on Children in Adversity

Your support of Patch Our Planet helped add to this great strategy.  It’s called “U.S. Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity”. To see more details and to view the Committee on Appropriations from last week, click the link to watch friends on the front lines with us testify-

What does the Bible say about caring for the fatherless?

  It’s an important question.  One that needs to be explored. Let’s start with an excellent message from one of our church partners, The Chapel in Buffalo, NY, that will bring great clarity on the subject.  This message is from Father’s Day 2012 when Patch Our Planet  joined with The Chapel to launch the Every […]

Pastors vs. Orphan Advocates

  Pastors & Orphan Advocates – THERE IS HOPE. There is a story line that plays out on my phone quite a bit. And it gets me really excited. The problem is not exciting, but the solution is! The conversation goes something like this with a pastor or staff member at a church: “Steve, I’m covered […]

The World-Wide Movement of Orphan Care

Summit is a conference put on each year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. The next conference takes place in Nashville, Tennessee  May 2-3, 2013. This is a special time set apart to bring orphan advocates from all over the world together to encourage and inspire advocates, local churches & their leaders, agencies, organizations, governments […]

Brenda’s Forever Family

We are celebrating this week with news that one special little girl from Uganda has found her forever family through adoption. Meet Brenda. Here is an excerpt from the Smith family post this week: “Last year, we sat in a Patch our Planet service and we are so thankful that we did. It was there […]