It’s been a while since I sent out an update. 

There is a reason for that. We’ve been in the middle of the country, in very remote locations. Moving from location to location almost daily presents some challenges, like a good wifi connection.

After our Michigan meetings, we headed west toward Montana, via Iowa, parts of Minnesota and South Dakota.

This kind of pick up and go traveling can be very tiresome.

I remember this from my days traveling with the Christian band Newsong. Now, granted I hardly ever drove the bus, but it was still difficult to wake up in a new city every day!

This time around, we really enjoyed the rolling cornfields of Iowa and southern Minnesota as we entered South Dakota. 

Words can’t describe the beauty of The Badlands and The Black Hills in South Dakota, a stop along the way to our next destination. Go there.

After we rambled through the mountains of South Dakota, we headed over to Montana. This is a land that is vast, with big, beautiful skies. We’ve certainly enjoyed rolling through the West, but the expanse can be somewhat intimidating too.

In Montana, we met up with some friends in Bozeman who were a part of my college ministry back in Atlanta about 10 years ago. These kind friends took our family on a hike through the Bridger mountains that we will never forget. Let’s just say bear spray, thick woods, night time, winding roads, smores and noises. So much fun to be afraid!

In Bozeman, we also had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Michael Tyson and his family, and spend some quality time with them during our visit. Michael was a pastoral intern at a church I served at in Woodstock, GA over 10 years ago, so it was great to get to see he and his family again. Montana turned into a great reunion.

I admire what Pastor Michael and his family have set out to do in Bozeman. They planted a church in the region several years back. They love their city and believe the best is yet to come. After a weary few weeks of travel, we were very encouraged at Bedrock Church’s Sunday service and excited about their heart for orphan care.

There is a lot of opportunity for churches in Montana to develop strong orphan care ministries. This was at the core of our discussion. It only takes one church to lead the way, then before you know it, you have a developing orphan care network. That’s what we are praying for in Montana!

We’ll be looking forward to getting back to Montana to continue building on this amazing opportunity to serve the most vulnerable. In the meantime, pray for the Tysons as they work to serve and minister in the city of Bozeman, MT.

This tour is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Just keep moving. Next stop, Utah…


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