Gary Millsaps

This world has so much noise.

Pending wars, fatherless children, senseless killings, stars unhinged in their pursuit of attention, bad news on the local news, bad news on the global news, twitter this, twitter that, king of marketing, buy this, buy that, hurry from one place to another, honk at the slow poke in front of you, family conflict, friends gossiping, and on and on and on….

And, then you lose someone.

Everything stops.

And, at that moment, when you find out, everything that is important comes rushing to forefront of your mind.

God, family, friends, meaningful relationships.

That moment comes so unexpectedly.

We all think that we will be the ones lying in the bed saying our last goodbyes to everyone around us and just fade off into heavenly bliss.  But, the reality is that it probably won’t happen like that for you or for me.

So, what really counts?

What counts is that we stop listening to all the crap around us for a moment.

We stop listening to all the junk that is being poured into our homes and into our computers by this wayward culture.

We stop paying any attention to those who will do anything for it.

And, we honor a life well lived.

You won’t see his life on the news because a life well lived doesn’t get very good ratings.

You won’t see him getting a lifetime achievement award on TV because he was honorable enough to love his wife and his daughter like a man should.

And, you won’t see his named etched on some brick building because that screams “Look what I’ve done”.

No, Gary Millsaps was a light to this world, to his family, to his friends.

He had the greatest, most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.

He had a smile that could charm a cobra.

And, he was a faithful follower of Christ.

I remember watching him teach a small group of young singles at our church. I would hear him laugh and the students laugh what seemed like every Sunday.  I would have to go over and see what all the fun was about.  Sure enough, they were having fun.  Later, I would see how serious he was communicating the truths of the Bible that so changed his life.  You see, Gary was as fun as they come.  But, he was also extremely serious when it came to the difference that Christ can make in a life.  And, because of that passion, many incredible young singles (and many others) came to know Christ and become great followers of Christ because of Gary’s influence.

Gary was a loving father and husband.

He lived a life that counted and he deserves to be honored and celebrated.

His home-going service is today.

Cancer tried to steal his joy.

But, we know now that he is experiencing joy that is inexpressible.

His life will not be projected on the TV or in writing, but he did hear the words, “Well, Done Gary” by the One who mattered most to him.

Lord, help me to love you & others as Gary did.

Aching with hope,

Steve Gillis
Founder | Executive Director
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