Summit is a conference put on each year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

The next conference takes place in Nashville, Tennessee  May 2-3, 2013.

This is a special time set apart to bring orphan advocates from all over the world together to encourage and inspire advocates, local churches & their leaders, agencies, organizations, governments and even influence countries in the area of orphan care.

Open Wide:

The first year I attended, it was like drinking from a fire hydrant.  Not because I was simply presented with more information, but because I was learning the broader extent of the problem along with an amazing array of solutions that I never knew existed. I had to convey these solutions to those who had no idea, like me.

There was no possible way for me to take in all that was being shared, but I tried.

I would move from one general session to a breakout and then write as fast as I could during breaks when I wasn’t meeting with someone.  In a word, it was “overwhelming”.

I never knew that so many people around the world were fighting the same fight and doing it in some very effective ways.

Conference vs. Movement:

I’m really not a huge fan of conferences.  I am more of a fan of movements.  That’s what makes this gathering so unique. There are so many reasons that I love the Summit gathering.

But, if I had to boil it down to one thing, I would have to say that I come away feeling equipped.

I am inspired by the stories, the sights, the tragedy of the problem.  Unfortunately, inspiration fades over time.

When I am equipped to help others, I have something tangible to put into practice.

When I am equipped, I am then inspired to bring real solutions to real problems.

When churches are equipped, they are inspired by the families that step up to answer God’s call to care for the fatherless.  Churches come together to care for foster children in their own community.  And,  the church moves as ONE to be the answer.

I leave this Summit gathering equipped and inspired and I want to do more.

Join the Movement:

If your church has an orphan care ministry or is considering starting one, I would encourage you to join this movement. You will receive the tools to get started.

Along the way, if you need a guide to filter all of that information and what that would look like under your church’s vision, let us know.  Patch Our Planet exists to help churches create long-term orphan care strategies for the sake of the church and the child.

We want to do more.

Steve Gillis
Founder | Exec. Director 
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