Effective Faith Based Partnerships

Working together.That is the heart of Patch Our Planet. We want to help end the orphan crisis and not just work on it. To do that, we have to work together in the public, private and faith sectors.  This is what Pastor Rick Warren calls the “3 legged stool” that provides stability. Each partner brings […]

An Orphan Manifesto

What if these were your kids? Would you hold them and tell them that everything is ok? Or would you pray for them and then be on your way? Of course you would give them your love, Your protection and food, But what about the ones you never knew? Millions of orphans are starving for food, […]

Business & the Cause of the Fatherless – Part I

We are beginning a two part series on how businesses can practically take up the cause of the fatherless. The great tips below come from Greg Buzek at Retail Orphan Initiative – http://www.retailroi.org/Fortunately, there is a movement of generosity happening in the corporate world.  Not only is there a benefit for the supported charities, but there is a great win awaiting […]

Making Decisions

When you lead something, you have to make decisions. I am a Christian.  Therefore, I make my decisions based on the counsel and the wisdom of the Bible. I totally get that it can be unpopular as a non profit leader to be out front with what you believe because of the potential of alienating future donors who don’t […]

The American Dream

I don’t know why I have been thinking so much about the “American Dream” lately.  I love the idea.  If you work hard, you can achieve just about anything you want to in this country.  At least, that is the idea. I am forever grateful to live in a country that brought forth the Declaration of […]