Oh man, Wyoming and Utah. What unique states!

Fortunately for us, we had to travel south through Wyoming to get to Utah.

We’ve never seen so many pronghorn ever….not even on TV. Everywhere you look traveling through Wyoming, there they are. And you can’t get from Montana to Utah without going through Yellowstone! (Well, you probably can, but you would be missing out). With every “detour”, our kids create a video report about anything interesting that they visit. They call themselves “The Adventure Kids”. I can’t wait for you to see some of their fun reporting (after we get back to FL, of course!)

We made our way down to Utah, excited to team up with Amy King and For the Orphan Network. I had worked with Amy and her church two years ago, so it was great to be back to build on what was started.

We had the opportunity to “put our feet back on the ground” by staying with our friends, the Huntleys, while in the Salt Lake area. The Huntleys and the Osbornes moved their families from our church in SW FL last year to make an impact in Utah for the sake of the gospel. Our kids were looking forward to this stop maybe more than any since they were getting to see their friends again!

Saturday rolled around and we had the opportunity to train eleven churches. Amy King did an amazing job rolling out the Care Portal for the area as well. This created a lot of excitement, built on practical training with step-by-step guidance. New tools. New opportunities to care for the most vulnerable in Utah and beyond.

Now, there was a way to customize an orphan care ministry AND pull the network together to make it easier to care for children in need. This training was everything we were hoping for when we set out with our family almost two months ago. 


If we can strengthen orphan care networks like this one, we are doing our job. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced some challenges with nonprofits in other parts of the country along the way who are not as excited to work together as we are. And cancellations are something we can’t control while out here on the road. Although it sometimes feels like a gut-punch, having to alter our original traveling route, we did try to build in enough flexibility in order to do some of those things. I just wish I could convey the difference it would make in their church, community and local partnerships!


This week, we roll over and then down to Colorado Springs, CO for some more meetings.

At this point in the year, we have had the opportunity to train over 60 churches and one state organization! I keep this in mind as we walk through the highs and lows of life on the road for three months. There is a purpose to this trip. We walk through the doors that the Lord opens and we change course when doors close.

We just pray that when all is said and done, fruit will remain and grow mighty as the many seeds are planted throughout churches and communities during this tour.

For the Kingdom,



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