A Plea to Pastors & Church Leaders

Dear Pastor & Church Leaders, I know that orphan care is difficult. I know that foster care is extremely intimidating. I know that you are only human and have limitations. I know that your schedule is straining and challenging because you are running point for the rest of us in this spiritual battle. I know […]

Guilt by Dissociation (early excerpt from upcoming book)

In Psychology, dissociation is a term used to describe an experience of having one’s attention and emotions detached from the reality in their environment. This could be a stretch, but I think that many of our church leaders in particular struggle with “Guilt by Dissociation“ when it comes to orphan care. What in the world are […]

Pastors vs. Orphan Advocates

  Pastors & Orphan Advocates – THERE IS HOPE. There is a story line that plays out on my phone quite a bit. And it gets me really excited. The problem is not exciting, but the solution is! The conversation goes something like this with a pastor or staff member at a church: “Steve, I’m covered […]

re·sist·ance – noun 1. the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding. Does this picture represent you?  When you look at the meaning of resistance, do you think about someone at work?  Or your relationship? Something inside of you that longs to do something else?  How about exercise? Resistance can have negative consequences. But, it can also bear great fruit. You have a great opportunity […]