Extra Ordinary Advocate: Start Where You Stand


“I never second-guessed God’s heart for the orphan—I just struggled with my role in the crisis.” I wonder if you’ve ever felt that way. As Christians, when we look at orphan care challenges from different perspectives, we begin to uncover some of the root problems that hinder our churches from making real progress. If we can recognize these problems and graciously deal with them, then we can begin to make a greater impact in our community and around the world. Extra Ordinary Advocate offers insight and hope that will help unleash the pent up care potential in every church. For me, this book is not about leaving some kind of legacy. It is about visiting some hard places and seeking new perspectives on an ancient issue. It is also about helping those from whom we may never get a thank-you or an embrace. It is about using my life’s journey and God-given gifts to stand up and defend those without a voice. If you are a tired advocate, orphan by-stander, or church leader, this book will challenge and inspire you to see beyond the road blocks of life. Courage always begins with a first step. May you be inspired to take that step and to start where you stand. It won’t go unnoticed by the One who matters most.