Patch Tour Update #3

Oh, Michigan. You treated the Gillis family so well. When I reflect on our time in Michigan, I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of old/new friends, and I’m inspired by what I see happening on the orphan care front. From Kentucky, we made a quick stop at Cedarville University to see my brother, my sister-in-law […]

Utah – Via Wyoming

Oh man, Wyoming and Utah. What unique states! Fortunately for us, we had to travel south through Wyoming to get to Utah. We’ve never seen so many pronghorn ever….not even on TV. Everywhere you look traveling through Wyoming, there they are. And you can’t get from Montana to Utah without going through Yellowstone! (Well, you […]

A Day with the Bates Family

I will start off by stating that I am not a big blogger. I would rather be with people and keep those experiences between us. When I see someone taking pictures, I often think, “am I going to show up on Facebook somewhere”? It can get a little irritating, I must admit. But it can […]