The World-Wide Movement of Orphan Care

Summit is a conference put on each year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans. The next conference takes place in Nashville, Tennessee  May 2-3, 2013. This is a special time set apart to bring orphan advocates from all over the world together to encourage and inspire advocates, local churches & their leaders, agencies, organizations, governments […]

Brenda’s Forever Family

We are celebrating this week with news that one special little girl from Uganda has found her forever family through adoption. Meet Brenda. Here is an excerpt from the Smith family post this week: “Last year, we sat in a Patch our Planet service and we are so thankful that we did. It was there […]

Guilt by Dissociation

It’s hard to imagine how to help 153+ million orphans. It can be such an enormous cause that most of us would rather not even think about it because deep down we believe that we can’t really have the kind of impact needed to help all of those children. So, many of us choose to […]