Wish I Could Do More

These are some images from the past year that act as a reminder to me that I am not doing enough. Sometimes I feel like the guy standing next to a cliff…..well, I’ll get to that in a minute.

All things new

Well, we’ve made the jump over to our blog website and we still have a few kinks to work out.

Zambia’s Gift to the World – Orphan Sunday

November 4th was Orphan Sunday all across the world because of the courage of one pastor.This video tells the story of how the movement started in a little village in Zambia.You’ll hear powerful stories from orphans and from notables such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Francis Chan, & Jedd Medefind. This video comes from our friends […]

2012-13 Budget Update | An Honest Look

2012 Budget update (11/02/12): Our budget for 2012 is $67,011.80 We are just under¬†$27,000 shy of reaching our budget this year with two months remaining. God has provided every step of the way and we have no reason to believe He’s going to change course! Our eyes are fixed on future opportunities and not current […]