This is just a snapshot of what it looks like getting to Ukraine along with some of the pictures of our time with the local church, orphanages and quick trip around the city the day we arrived.  I flew from Fort Myers, FL to Chicago where there was almost a white-out snow storm.  I am very surprised we took off when everything else on the departure board was saying “cancelled”.  When we landed in Warsaw, Poland (in the snow again), our whole plane broke out in applause.  Job well done, Mr. Captain sir.  Is there anything that will make you pray more fervently than when you are prompted by the sound of de-icing?  Not for me.

You will notice that there are not a lot of pictures of the orphans in this video.  We designated one photographer for the trip after day one because we did not want them to feel used.  It was a good plan.  But, I am working on getting some of those pics up on the blog.  I am very excited to show you our “Summits” that we had with the Orphanage Director, administrators, local churches and our team.  And, you will be able to see the children in the orphanages a little more clear. 

But, this video gives you a short glimpse of what it was like.  When I returned back to FL through Munich, Germany and Newark, NJ, I had the awesome opportunity to speak 3X at an American church, once at a Ukrainian church and another at a Men’s Prayer Breakfast.  It was a very good trip.  We’ve already “de-briefed” and talked about the future potential in Ukraine.

In case you didn’t know, Patch Our Planet works with the local church, no matter where that may be, to assist the church in caring for orphans in their community.  The Bible clearly calls the Church (Global Church) to care for orphans in their time of need.  Not just the Western Church, but every church.  We work hard to create Networks of Churches in regions around the world that can accomplish more together than apart.  And, we always operate with this one thing in mind: the benefit must be the orphan’s. 

Check out a local newspaper article on our family:

You can also check out an article I wrote this month for Adoption-Share called “Waiting in the Shadows”.

Thank you for paying attention to the issues and for your support!

More to come….