The Orphan Care Crisis

Over 400,000 orphans in the United States. Over 153 million orphans worldwide. Your church can make a difference!

Why the Church?

What other organization is located on every corner of this planet?  What other organization has been given a Biblical mandate to care for orphans?  And, what other organization has the highest motivation – love? None other than the church.  Imagine if every church in every community were equipped to care for every orphan. Your church is part of the solution to the orphan crisis in your community. Why not start a movement there today?

Our Solution

We believe the church is the best remedy to the orphan crisis.  Our solution is simple. Equip church leaders to confidently lead their people to care for orphans long term.  We do this by using best practices and step by step solutions in order to create a custom road map for each church under their own vision. Then, your equipped church goes into your local and global communities to give orphans a chance to be part of a forever family.


Explore and define your church’s vision for orphan care.


Identify the needs locally and globally.


Own a custom-fitted roadmap that will allow your church to help solve the orphan crisis.

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