I remember a song growing up that had to be one of the worst all time songs ever put in front of the public.  There are plenty of bad musicians around the country, but I can’t imagine any worse than the Talking Heads. I’m not even going to put a link to the song for fear I may ruin your week!

I’m sure at this point you are already thinking of some of your most tortureous moments in music.  In our culture, the term “Talking Head” usually has referred to someone whose talk is ’empty and pretentious’.  In other words, it is kind of like making ‘an exaggerated outward show’.

Let me tred carefully here but speak truthfully. 

Many of our churches have been ‘talking heads’ when it comes to caring for orphans.  There has been too much of a reliance upon non profits and governmental programs.  Sadly, many churches have deferred the Biblical mandate meant for them to those non profits and government agencies.  The problem is, the church has the mandate and is in the best position to care for them long term and share the greatest news known to man.  Let me personalize it.  For most of my life, I have been a ‘talking head’ when it comes to caring for orphans.  It is really only in the past few years that the Lord began to grip my heart to take a major step to help advocate for the kids here in the states and overseas.

So, now that is my passion.  I don’t see churches as the ‘silent ones sitting on the sidelines’.  I know better than that.  This is God’s greatest organization.  One worth dying for.  These are great people who have a tremendous amount on their plates.  When you ask someone who is already overwhelmed, and probably under-encouraged, to take on something new that may be a little taxing on them, guess what?  Probably not going to get any traction.

We need the church to rise up and care for orphans.  But, it’s not enough to simply talk about the problem from the pulpit or from the pews.  There needs to be a basic plan in place so we can facilitate an explosion of care for these kids through the congregation, as is happening in many places across our country already.  There needs to be consideration of the benefits of that plan.  Too often in the past, the benefit of short term mission trips to orphanages have been the church’s.  The people bring back heart-breaking pictures, a strong sense of humility, and an attachment to the kids.  But, the children are still there and likely their circumstances are unchanged because of that trip.

So, what would I do to help the church care for foster children or global orphans?

*Research the area.
*Identify the needs.
*Provide long term solutions.
*Equip the Pastor/staff and/or most passionate/ competent lay leader.
*Help educate the church and current mission teams.
*Create church networks to care for orphans in their own communities (no matter where that may be).
*Release the incredible power of the church to care for kids in their own community.

Can you imagine how many ‘forever families’ could come out of an energized church community like this that has been educated and equipped?

So, have you been a ‘talking head’?
There’s never been a better time to get involved.

Need an overhaul in your orphan ministry?
We’d love to help.

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