Guilt by Dissociation (early excerpt from upcoming book)

In Psychology, dissociation is a term used to describe an experience of having one’s attention and emotions detached from the reality in their environment. This could be a stretch, but I think that many of our church leaders in particular struggle with “Guilt by Dissociation“ when it comes to orphan care. What in the world are […]

Reward Deferred

  Ever heard of the phrase, “Pay now and Play later“? Dave Ramsey (and others) have made that phrase popular in the last decade. Dave has done a great job teaching people how to get out of  debt, and he’s done a great job of helping so many people find financial freedom. That phrase is […]

Pastors vs. Orphan Advocates

  Pastors & Orphan Advocates – THERE IS HOPE. There is a story line that plays out on my phone quite a bit. And it gets me really excited. The problem is not exciting, but the solution is! The conversation goes something like this with a pastor or staff member at a church: “Steve, I’m covered […]