Why have a golf challenge? One simple reason.9e098eeaabed70c3

We believe in our mission and we want to broaden our influence for the sake of every child.

But we need your help.

Whether you are a passionate orphan advocate, business owner, church leader, golfer or just someone who is interested in helping put a major dent in the orphan crisis, there is something that YOU can do. Please join us and help us reach our goal so we can continue to make great progress in 2015. Keep up with progress or get connected here – https://gosponsorit.com/pop/golf2015

Will you take just one minute to read about how we can make a huge difference together through this challenge?

By sponsoring players for this charity event, or simply by making a donation, you will be helping to bring children in foster care and orphans globally one step closer to a forever family. Did you know that there are over 153 million orphans in the world? In the United States, there are around 100,000 children awaiting adoption. I know you would agree that these children should all have the opportunity to grow up in a forever family and not in an institution.

The mission of Patch Our Planet is to equip churches throughout the country with long-term orphan care strategies (see On-site training under “Resources”). We’ve seen that when churches are effectively equipped to take care of children in foster care and orphans globally, more children have an opportunity to find that forever family. In many churches, there is simply a lack of direction or strategy when it comes to orphan care. Patch Our Planet provides that direction, customizing each orphan care strategy to fit that particular church’s vision. Imagine the flood of care that will pour out of churches in every community, equipped to make a difference for vulnerable children within their sphere of influence locally and globally.

How can you measure the impact of your donation?

The following week of this Golf Challenge, Patch Our Planet will have the opportunity to educate and equip over 50 churches during two major conferences. This is an incredible opportunity to inspire long-term care for an extraordinary amount of children here and abroad through these churches equipped by Patch Our Planet. Your support will allow us to do this and so much more in 2015. We are a faith-based, tax exempt nonprofit organization. This just means that our only support comes from generous people, churches, businesses and organizations who believe in our mission.

You can help Patch Our Planet continue to offer this very effective orphan care training to churches all over the country and in other parts of the world by helping support our mission through this Golf Challenge. By sponsoring a golfer (or by simply donating here) for $25, $50, $100, $500 or any other amount, you will be contributing more than just money. You will be impacting the lives of children who have, for too long, been forgotten. Sadly, many have had no one to speak up for them. You can be their voice through Patch Our Planet.

Thank you so much as you consider making a practical difference in the orphan crisis through this Golf Challenge. We’ll do more than golf that day.  Together, we’ll make a real impact on the orphan crisis – one child, one church, one community at a time.

God bless,

Steve Gillis
Founder | Exec. Director