Dnews russia aid jaWe all want our children to grow up and be healthy.

But, like anything else in this busy world, we can miss many of the subtle signs of malnutrition and unhealthy development in our children as the days, weeks and months pass by so quickly.

To add to that, if you are a foster parent or parent to an adopted child, you may be in the dark about the nutritional path your child has been on in the past. That’s why it is critical to stay in front of this kind of potential challenge.

Consider this excerpt from the organization that we are highlighting today, the Spoon Foundation:

“There are peak periods neonatally and in early childhood when parts of the brain are shaped. The same goes for other key organs and bodily systems. When proper nutrition is lacking during these critical times, development malfunctions.
Anemia and poor growth are common in institutionalized children. There is overwhelming evidence that cognitive and physical abilities are delayed in kids who are experiencing under-nutrition. The implications are particularly critical for orphans who, when demonstrating significant delays and/or diagnoses, are less likely to be selected by families for adoption.”


You can follow the link below to connect with many valuable resources at the Spoon Foundation:



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Steve Gillis
Founder | Executive Director