This is my good friend Christopher Coleman.  His story is one that has transformed the way I view life.  We’ve grown up around the same things, same church, many of the same friends. He spoke for me on several different occassions while I was the College/Singles Pastor at First Woodstock in Ga.    Each time, we left inspired, convicted and challenged.  He would talk about his disability from the platform and then ask us what our disability was…..always reminding us that God uses our disabilities for His glory.

Life really is precious.  There are 143+ million orphans in the world waiting to tell a story like Christopher’s.    

Maybe in the next 10 years, YouTube will be full of stories across the world because of the impact of Christopher’s life and simply telling his story.  Thank you for inspiring us Christopher.  Your life reminds us that God has a plan for us and that He has not abandoned us.