This blog is kind of a personal shout out to Operation Smile and the 20 years they have been repairing kids’ cleft palates all around the world.  As the father of a child with cleft palate, it is deeply personal to see how a life without a smile can be fixed in just 45 minutes.  Knowing now the difficulties that are connected with cleft palate and cleft lip, I am one father who is grateful for organizations like this and for hospitals like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  This is just one more example why the Church should be involved in the life of an orphan.  Most of the kids in this video come from families, but consider the child with no family…..with the same issue.  We can reach them too.  But, we’re going to have to do something different…..
Thank you Dr. Burstein at Children’s for making something out of nothing for Judah.
Fall Festival 2011 – aggressive monkey look