SPARK! A Network of Care:

Want to spark a network of care in your community? This is a GREAT way to start! How does it work? Your church invites other church leaders in your community to an orphan care roundtable meeting. Patch Our Planet will help the host church facilitate this meeting and provide the tools necessary to equip each church. Is there a benefit to being a host church? Absolutely! Patch Our Planet will partner with the host church to develop a custom orphan care strategy for their church.  The host church will also receive unlimited coaching from Patch Our Planet. In addition, each attending church will receive Patch Our Planet’s online orphan care curriculum as a free gift because of our relationship with the host church.


On-site Training: 

We work with your church’s leadership team (staff and/or designated lay leaders) to create a custom orphan care strategy that fits under your church’s vision. Our training is customized to fit your schedule and your church’s needs. Plan on 6-8 hours to get a good foundation established. This training is scalable and affordable for churches of every size and budget.


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