Local Foster Care Strategy Curriculum




Ready to equip your church? Get the guidance you need to develop a local foster care strategy for your church with the digital version of our curriculum. This curriculum includes everything from developing healthy expectations within your church’s culture to the practical steps you’ll take to build an excellent strategy. God tells us to care for orphans; He mentions them by name. Prayerfully consider making an orphan care strategy a central part of your church’s mission.

What this curriculum covers:

Session 1 – Understand the Foster Care System

Session 2 – The Church & Biological Family Reunification

Session 3 – Who Will Lead?

Session 4 – Build the Volunteer Foster Care Team

Session 5 – Foster Care Team Assignment

Session 6 – Define Your Church’s Current Foster Care Strategy & Vision

session 7 – Present Your Findings

Session 8 – Church Network Meeting

Session 9 – Build a Post-Launch Foster Care Team to Help Lead

Session 10 – Establish Church Resource Centers

Session 11 – Engage the Foster Community

Session 12 – Ready to Launch?

Session 13 – Specific Opportunities for Church Involvement

Session 14 – Build Support Systems


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